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    A New Way To Live Forever To Release “Monumental” New EP This Spring

    Russ Rogers and Daniel Dyer from Florida’s rock music game-changers, A New way To Live Forever (ANWTLF), will be at NAMM in Anaheim, California to promote their upcoming release, Monument. The band is currently mixing the EP in Florida and Los Angeles, with guitarist from alternative-giants Candlebox’s Peter Klett at the producer’s helm. After opening… Read more »

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    It’s the write time

    Quick update It looks like Daniel and I are heading to NAMM to represent our label, Civil Defense and their release of the upcoming A New Way To Live Forever EP, Monument. I’m feverishly finishing up the rough mixes now, and plan to return to LA shortly thereafter to do the final mixes. Things are… Read more »

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    Viper Room June, 2010